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Commission Info by Guidorius Commission Info by Guidorius
Opening these up for those who are interested! For the moment this will be permanently open until something arises at a 5 slot capacity.

  • Send me a deviantART note with your request.
  • Be sure to include your paypal email address, character sheet, references, or descriptions of your character; the more the better!
  • I will confirm your commission slot and send you a PayPal invoice for payment. If payment is not received within 2 days I will reopen the slot and remove your request.
  • I will begin your drawing after I receive the PayPal payment (make sure you include your deviantART name in your PayPal payment).  I will send a note to inform you that I have received payment and an estimate on how long it will take me to deliver your final drawing. 
  • Once I'm finished, I will upload the painting to my gallery and send you a note!


"What payment methods do you take?"
- Paypal only.

"What do you draw?"
- Pretty much anything including NSFW commissions too, there are some areas which I'm weak at such as humans and mechanic characters so just poke me with a character description and I'll let you know.

"What don't you draw?"
- Fanart/fan characters (sorry), gore, racist/hateful imagery, some fetishes; feel free to ask in note or down below.

"I don't see something I would like listed (Headshots, B/W, Icons etc etc), will you still draw it?"
- Yep! Just hit me up. The only difference is the price will be subject to difficulty and what you want specifically; I'll provide you a quote of what it will cost once I know what it is.

"Can I have updates throughout the drawing process?"
-Sure! You're free to request changes in the sketch phase but afterwards I'll only do minor edits

"Can I negotiate a price?"
- No, what you see listed is what you get.

"Do you do backgrounds?"
- For the moment no, I may do very simple backgrounds but for the most part I'm not comfortable enough to provide that"


I have the right to decline your request for any reason. I also have the right to post the said commission on DA, tumblr and any future art sites.

Please do not reupload the commission without crediting me in the title and/or in the description, a link to my page would be appreciated as well.

As said feel free to ask any questions you might have down below or in a DA note ^^ .
ReverendAspen Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Trust me, I will commission you again. And I already have a few ideas planned~
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