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So actually, since I've been on the topic of music I may as well throw a few permanent links here for music I need help identifying. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm totally down to give out some art if anyone is able to find them! (Don't request anything too insane please ^^;). (Lyrics are from "First State feat. Elliot Johns - Your Own Way" but I have no idea if it's a remix or just sampled, no luck finding it on my own)… (First song, might be royalty free) (1:20 to 2:18)… (Chrome will try to automatically download this instead of playing it in the browser)

For now I'll keep this as a journal but if and when I get core I'll transfer it over to another widget.
Because I missed a detail and ordered it via artist and not song; ah well another excuse to list a few more songs.

G - Ga Ga - Melanie C

U - Universe - Xilent (Feat. Shaz Sparks)

I - I'm Aquarius - Metronomy

D - Die Another Day - Madonna

O - Only You - Tisoki & Skoshki

R - Ready Steady Go - Paul Oakenfold

I - I Play Dead - Demon Hunter

U - United we Stand; Divided we Fall - Two Steps From Hell

S - So Freakin Tight - Tough Love
Had to do it once I saw this in my feed. This is somewhat of a mixed bag, one of these days I need to find a way to upload the full list of music I own; I love sharing songs in the hope of finding more.

G - Geographer - Kites

U - Uppermost - Passion

I - I MONSTER - Daydream In Blue

D - David Guetta Vs. The Egg - Love Don't Let Me (Walking Away)

O - Olive - You're Not Alone

R - Ray Volpe - By Your Side

I - Ital Tek - Black & White

U - UNKLE - Be There

S - System Of A Down - Aerials

Tag: Whoever that wants to participate!
Decided to record drawing one of my pieces, I'll see if I can do it more often.

I promised myself that I would keep my deviantart and other pages free of politics and all that jazz as I wanted people to come for the art; not my opinion. However, I feel like I need to say something after the results of the presidential election.

I’m seeing a good majority of the people I watch (tumblr specifically) and others around the internet saying “Unfollow if you voted Trump” or “We can’t be friends because of X reason”. This is beyond the incorrect direction we should take; all that achieves is create even more walls and dissidence between people and that doesn’t help anyone.

I understand everyone’s anger; on BOTH sides of the political landscape; you have every right to be angry at the establishment and at the outcome. This is the result that no one was expecting and it’s very likely going to shape everyone’s future; for better or for worse.

So right now the best thing we can do is come together, see our differences for what they are and understand why they are there, work together, not assume the worst, and not laugh ourselves into the abyss if that ever comes. We don’t know what the future will hold but you can be damn sure we can at least try to shape it.
And closed! Best keep the list short for now so I don't get bogged down. Thanks for all the requests ^^ I shall start doing them today.

So! My headache from yesterday has resurfaced with a vengeance, probably due to a combination of staying up late/waking up late.

With that in mind, I'm going to take a couple of character requests, I need some practice with designs outside of my own characters. I'm going to keep the requests up until I get as many as I can take, I'll try to get them complete as fast as possible but with how things are they may take a bit.

I'm pretty open to what I'll draw but overly complex designs such as intricate clothing and things like that I will have to take a pass on sorry ^^; . Humans are an "eh" subject, I will give it a shot for sure but if I am unable to get to a standard I like I will pass on them also. 

These will be quick sketches, maybe to the style of these drawings -

Random Bill by Guidorius Braixen Doodles by Guidorius Random Tiger by Guidorius
Hey I might as well do this too, taken from :iconcloudbat:

-The first 5 (as I don't think I'm going to get more than that, if I do I'll just make additions) people that comment wanting to be on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery.

1) :iconcloudbat:  Sparkle Alien by Cloudbat  Color Clash by Cloudbat  Krow by Cloudbat

2) :iconfluffyz:  Ki In Da Sea by fluffyz  Train of Consequences by fluffyz  Halo by fluffyz



You forget how much stuff you accumulate, today is a day of deep cleaning.

For those who are looking for an OCT, Spiral-Down-Films is still open for auditions and looking for more members!
Aha! I can in fact break my silence.

Yes, if you don't already know I'm judging for the newly opened Spiral-Down-Films OCT. We are accepting auditions right now so if you're interested come on down ^^

Liking the change of pace however.

(Doing some frontpage clean up in the meantime)
Ok so, where to begin?

Me and :iconfluffyz: were having a chat when the subject of how her character Flip ,is essentially creepy without the personality he has. I agreed because I had a Flip-book OC as well named Flip, so I linked a few things since we thought it was cool that we had thought up of the same type of OC with the same name.

Things were all fine and dandy until I found his bio sheet, turns out the characters in question are scarily alike, to the point where it's down to a few points which are subtly different from one another. Even the year we created them is the same Oo.

So after much thought and debate we have concluded that Flip and Flip are cousins of some sort XD , because there's no way now they cant be after how similar they are.
Not closing my account just mulling over things.

I suppose there comes a time when you need to move on from the past, choosing when is the hardest part and I think now is that time. I've had this account now for 8 years and when I look at it I can see the memories of old friends, past endeavours and regrets. It also pains me to look at them, because no matter how hard we try turning back the clock simply isn't an option. If I could re-kindle old friendships I would, but I feel it wouldn't have the same magic/ the same curiosity as it did before.

I will always remember the people I grew up with for better or for worse and I'll probably never delete the old chat logs and other misc items I have but it's now time to remove the ghosts I hold on to now.

So - if any one is active to read this - I'll be purging my friends list from numerous sites, not because of want but because of need.

Thank you for the times we had together.

And sorry for being slightly depressing hah.
Lets try this again, one deviantation a day.